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It can be painful to not understand the technology that can make your business grow.  You are torn in many different directions and want to give up.  Have you been asking yourself how can I tackle a specific project?  Don't know where to start?  New and mature entrepreneurs sometimes need help in moving their business forward.

Businesses sometimes need guidance in understanding and implementing basic business skills all the way up to the implementation of policies and procedures. The concept of business imagineering is about helping the busy Entrepreneur understand and implement the steps needed to grow their business.

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​Are you a frustrated Business owner getting pulled in many directions...
  • Don't have enough time, patience or technical skills to make it all happen
  • Don't know who to turn too for the truth about websites
  • Confused about which email marketing and social media I should be using
  • Need help in either understanding or implementing business processes and procedures that will allow your business to grow
  • Don't know whether to pay for training or hire help
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Cindy Borgstrom CFO , Owner and Operator of ACQuisitions Office / Electronic Waste Management

Over the years our business has benefited from Sandy's wealth of knowledge and abilities. As a manager she handled staff, appropriate files and legal aspects. Thru our certification process and re-certifications she was very instrumental in creating and implementing policies and procedures for every aspect of our business. Her skills in training, web design/development,and on-line marketing/social media was the pivotal difference from being mediocre or excelling. The benefits continued into superior inventory control, sales analysis, project management, and expertise of purchasing. I consider her as a key person for brainstorming ideas and seeing the BIG picture. Any organization would be leaps and bounds ahead by having Sandy on their team.

Sandy Moniz - Business Solutions Imagineer

Meet Sandy

Sandy helps busy business owners establish and implement policies and procedures so their business runs smoothly without demanding a lot of their time.

Through one-on-one coaching, Sandy helps business owners envision how their business can grow with some small changes.  Sandy has also demonstrated that she can run a business thus freeing up the entrepreneur of the day-to-day activities.

With a Bachelor's Degree in Management, Sandy understand how businesses work from the ground up due to her experience in: retail, wholesale, manufacturing, software, education, non-profit, and travel.

Sandy has implemented processes and procedures for: Office Administration, Server Security, Inventory Control, Purchasing, Sales and Training which made it easier to train new employees.  She has worked with IT Services, On-line Marketing, Web Design/Development, Social Media including Blogging and much more...